video and installation, sound

Chicks on Speed (2011). Image: Beda Mulzer.

In ‘Endless Song’, the collective Chicks on Speed (COS) radicalise the readymade (an artwork made from a found, existing object) to change the way people look at everyday objects in relation to art, music and fashion. Through their work, COS valorise the handmade and ‘craft’ as a means of agency through labour, offering the audience an opportunity to see these objects as proposals for mass production.

In this spirit, COS is creating a work station in the Garage gallery for the week prior to the opening of Contour 2011.Their work station and installation will also feature their recently invented E-shoes – wearable guitars with sensory strings that produce amplified wireless sound for foot-flying gigs.

Chicks on Speed (AUS/DEU/ESP/USA)

Chicks on Speed was formed in Munich in 1997, when co-founders Melissa Logan, Kiki Moorse and Alex Murray-Leslie met at the Academy of Fine Arts. Though usually considered part of such musical genres as electroclash, COS began as a multidisciplinary art group who applied punk-inspired DIY ethics to performance art, collage graphics and homemade fashion. Their sculptural objects often function as a tool, an instrument or a prop in stage shows and gallery performances that fuse the vernacular of contemporary pop and 20th century art.

Chicks on Speeda