multi-channel video installation, sound

Dennis Tyfus, ‘Gargles from Ipanema’ (2011)

For ‘Gargles from Ipanema’ Dennis Tyfus has created an hour-long version of the song ‘The Girl from Ipanema’, which he accompanies with video featuring exotic dancers and hand-drawn, computer-manipulated psychedelic graphics. The incessant looping of the song creates an audio ‘wallpaper’, recalling the background music in shopping centres or ‘elevator music’. This trance-like linear loop of sound and video spreads out over various television monitors around the Nekkerspoel train station, wryly speaking to the subliminal capacity of music to effect physically altered states among listeners. The work also responds to the repetitive patterns of the station’s tile work, evoking the styles of Op Art and related psychedelia of the 1960s.


Dennis Tyfus lives and works in Antwerp (BEL). He draws, paints, makes collages, films, photographs with disposable cameras, plays noise music, sings, produces records and CDs, creates artists’ books and magazines, and has a radio show. Much of his work is produced under the umbrella label Ultra Eczema.