‘Myodesopsies, [Before Life], songs based on the lyrics of Myodesopsies’ (2001-2011)

installation with light screen, sound
Edith Dekyndt, ‘Myodesopsies, [Before Life], songs based on the lyrics of Myodesopsies’ (2001-2011). Image: Pierre-Henri Leman. Courtesy VidalCuglietta Gallery.

Edith Dekyndt uses medical terminology as a starting point for proposing new ways of approaching objects and spaces, transforming and challenging ordinary modes of perception. ‘Myodesopsia’ is a term which refers to an optical illusion: a spot that seems to be floating in front of our eyes, which is in reality a shadow on our retina caused by an anomaly within the eye. Although Dekyndt uses scientific language, she doesn’t think in terms of scientific, objective truth. Driven by the sounds of language, rather than by the exact meaning of words, she is interested in the tension between subjectivity and facts. For this work, she uses various media to evoke the phenomenon of seeing something floating in front of you that is actually within your own body.


Edith Dekyndt lives and works in Tournai. Her work has been featured in several international institutions including: the MAC’s Grand Hornu (2010), the Museum of Modern Art, New York (2010), FRAC Lorraine, Metz (2010), the Contemporary Art Museum, Hiroshima (2009). Her works are present in several public collections, including MoMA in New York, Witte de With, Rotterdam, FRAC in France and several collections of the Province of Hainaut.