16mm projection, print and video, sound

Jennifer West, ‘Drummed Rock Film’ (2011). Courtesy Vilma Gold, London and MARC FOXX, Los Angeles.

At the opening of Contour 2011, Jennifer West creates a new film live by uniting a drum kit, drummer and celluloid film strips. Rock drummer and artist Lara Dhondt performs a solo with film strips taped to her drum kit during a live concert with her band De Bossen (in collaboration with kc nOna). The drum sticks mark and scrape into the celluloid, creating a visual pattern of the drum sound through complex and psychedelic patterns on the film. The film from the live performance is exhibited as a looping 16mm print and a video document of the live drum performance will play in the same space, it’s sound audibly co-mingling with that of the adjacent projector.  


Los Angeles-based artist Jennifer West is influenced by classical structuralist film, urban mythology, rock music, folklore and popular culture, combining everyday actions and materials to create hypnotic, fast paced films. The concept-specific materials she employs for each film enhance and reinforce the experiential and performative nature of each work.  Her works have recently been presented at the Contemporary Arts Museum (Houston) and the Schirn Kunsthalle (Frankfurt).