‘Contre-Jour’ (2011)

unique performance on 30 September in collaboration with the Mechelen Cultural Centre

Leah Singer, ‘contre-jour’ (2011)

On September 30, Lee Ranaldo and Leah Singer will present ‘contre-jour’, a live music and noise performance with video projections in response to the work of Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville.

Lee Ranaldo & Leah Singer (USA/CAN)

Lee Ranaldo is a writer, visual artist and a founding member of the musical group Sonic Youth. Leah Singer is a visual artist and filmmaker known for her performances using modified film projectors and 16mm film shot with a still 35mm camera. Their collaborations include ‘DRIFT’, a live film and music performance first premiered in 1991 and recently included in the Biennale for International Light Art in Ruhr, Germany, and ‘Water Days’, a CD and book project. Both artists live and work in New York City.