‘Promoting a More Just, Verdant and Harmonious Resolution’ (2011)

video installation, sound

Postcommodity (2011)

Premiering at Contour 2011, this interactive work is Postcommodity’s latest installment from their evolving series using physics models to sonify weapons systems as a means of examining the psychological, social, cultural and political implications of speed, tactics and weaponry within theaters of war and other contested spaces.

While walking about the gallery space, audience members will inevitably step on triggers embedded in the floor, setting off concussive sonic explosions shaped by a generative physics model of real-world improvised explosive devices that utilise found consumer objects and electronics. The audience-triggered explosions are comprised of fragments of sampled music ranging from pop to heavy metal to punk rock. In all, hundreds of samples are randomly utilised as sonic shrapnel.


Postcommodity is an Indigenous interdisciplinary collective comprised of Raven Chacon, Cristóbal Martínez, Kade L. Twist and Nathan Young. Postcommodity works to advance Indigenous cultural self-determination and decolonisation within a global climate of instability, ethnocentric violence, and neo-liberalism. They are based in various locations in the USA and have exhibited work at art museums and institutions internationally.